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Machine Elements

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EH 25050. Tapered Shaft Hubs with lock nut
EH 25050.

Tapered Shaft Hubs, with lock nut
special fork wrench

Technical Data

It is a self-centering and non-floating tapered shaft hub in corrosion-protected design with a hexagon nut and a lock nut. By using tapered shaft hubs, all shaft-hub joints of machine elements such as sprocket wheels, gear wheels, belt pulleys, cams, levers etc. can be easily and efficiently established.
The lock nut at the outer part facilitates locking of the shaft-hub joint if freely rotating shafts are involved. For mounting, a cresent wrench (thickness max. l2 - l3) is used.

Mounting instructions, mounting arrangements and technical data are found on the following pages.

TA = Tightening torque of nut, M = Transferable torque, Fa = Transferable thrust load
pW = Surface pressure shaft, pN = Surface pressure hub.

The rotational accuracy is 0,03 mm.

Inner part:
  • Steel, nickel-plated
External part:
  • Steel, galvanized
  • Steel, nickel-plated
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special fork wrench

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