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Clamping Elements

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EH 23220.

Supporting Elements

Technical Drawing Application example

The support element is used to support additional clamping points on components.

The benefits of the support element are:
• provides additional support without distortion,
• helps to eliminate tool vibration,
• supports ribs, beads and shackles to reinforce clamped components,
• distortion-free support of raw parts.

Clamping process:
1. By turning the clamping cam (WS 6 internal hexagon) on the outer surface of the red protective sleeve, the support pin contacts the workpiece with a slight spring load.
2. By turning on as far as possible (lock), i.e. total of 180°, the clamping mechanism locks the support pin without moving. The support element has been placed onto the workpiece and locked.
3. If turned in the opposite direction (unlock), the clamping is released. If turned back as far as possible, i.e. total of 180° the support pin moves to the end position.

Assembly and Set-Up:
Fix the support element (2 x M 6 thread) onto the device. Pay attention to the operator's side!
Alternative: Dismantle the M 12 x 10 threaded pin and replace it by an M 12 x 30 threaded pin and assemble the support element with a wrench (WS 21), e.g. for T-slot mounting (no defined operator's side ensured). Threaded pin M 12 x 30 and
T-nut DIN 508 M 12 x 14, quality 10, are part of the standard supply volume.

Lowering of the support element by 16 mm is possible.

Additional flexible possibility of fitting with holder 23470.0250 or holding plate 23210.0740.

The M 8 threaded pin on the support bolt can be replaced by various locating and seating pins (EH 22...). Customer-made extensions can also be fitted. For safe functioning, the thread bore M 12 must always be closed.

  • Case hardened steel, nitrided, manganese phosphate treated and ground
  • Aluminium
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